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OKI Global stems from the OKI school network. OKI School Network has been around for nearly three decades and is renowned as a world-class high-quality education provider. OKI Global thrives on incorporating this golden expertise with modern digital teaching methodologies. Further, OKI Global envisions to nurture minds of our future, our children.
You can select a course for your child depending on their age. OKI Global course content has been designed to group students age-wise. Two years and above children are eligible for ‘Playgroup’, Three years and above children are eligible for ‘Nursery’, Four years and above children are eligible for ‘LKG’ and five years and above children are eligible for ‘UKG’
Yes, they can. If your child is of age to be eligible for the courses they can join multiple courses at once.
Once you made the payment, you will get access to the course content for the next twelve months. After twelve months the subscription will expire. Once the subscription expires you can pay and subscribe for the same course or a different course
The course fee is calculated for a full year. There are three payment options available which are ‘Monthly’, ‘Termly’, and ‘Annually’. You can make a one-time payment for the full course fees by selecting the ‘Annually’ option on OKI Global website payment page. Termly option facilitates you to pay the course fees in three instalments. By selecting the Monthly option on our payments page you can pay the course fees in twelve instalments.
You will get a 5% discount for the ‘Termly’ payment option and a 10% discount for the ‘Annually’ payment option. This will allow you to save from USD 10 – up to USD 144 depending on the course and pathway you select.
In the Facilitated Pathway, your child gets the benefit of learning in a live virtual classroom among global peers. An assigned highly qualified and experienced teacher will deliver the course content live and keep the child engaged during the lesson by using various teaching methods such as asking questions, making children participate in learning games and activities. Further, the teacher will mark the assignments and guide the child.
The Independent pathway is a cost-effective option where your child can study at their own pace and time independently. A learning coach at home may guide the child to complete the course worksheets and activities. The Independent Pathway consists of recorded lessons only.
After you pay and enroll for a course you will instantly get access to the OKI Global web portal and mobile app. Through these applications, you will be able to access worksheets, activities, and recorded lessons. Additionally, the students who are in the Facilitated pathway will be contacted personally by our expert team to determine a convenient class schedule for your child
Once you register for the Facilitated Pathway, you will get the contact details of the teacher assigned to your child. You may contact her via WhatsApp, phone call, or by Email. This option is not available for the Independent Pathway