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Why select Facilitated Pathway

Get Access to a Plethora of Benefits

The Facilitated Path is for the students who wishes to experience the traditional classroom atmosphere in the Digital World. With the Facilitated Path you get the benefits of,

  • The guidance and support of a highly qualified, certified teachers
  • Asking questions and getting feedback from the assigned teachers
  • The ability to actively participate in a live virtual classroom
  • Networking with global peers
  • Accessing the activities, worksheets and assignments through OKI Web Portal
  • Accessing OKI mobile app
OKI Global courses are designed to align with the Cambridge Syllabus and EYFS Curriculum and consist of carefully crafted, creative, and comprehensive lessons, interactive activities, assessments, and videos to build your child into an enthusiastic learner. Our courses revolve around five main subject areas: Literacy, Numeracy, Science, PSED/PD, Art & Craft, Music/Poem, and Storytelling. Further, we provide Sinhala and Tamil Language lessons to enrich your child with versatile skills.
In the Facilitated Path, each child receives individual attention, guidance, and care from highly qualified and certified teachers. To facilitate this purpose the virtual classrooms are formed limiting five children per class. The teachers are delivering the course content, conduct interactive activities, mark worksheets and assignments, answers questions, track students’ progress, and provide feedback.
Students' progress will be communicated to parents officially through report cards upon completion of each academic year. The evaluations will be conducted to assess the child’s progress, measure the achievement of curriculum expectation and course median, and the level of understanding of the subject matter. The evaluation methods for Nursery, Playgroup, and LKG will be oral evaluations and for UKG both oral and written evaluations. The grading system consists of four gradings: ‘Excellent’, ‘Good’, ‘Satisfactory’ and ‘Needs Help’. Further, the teacher will provide written comments regarding the child’s progress, achievements, areas for improvement, and the actions to be taken.